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The Trotula Fund

is a philanthropic fund with the purpose of supporting female health. Recognizing that women and girls are often the change-makers for positive social, economic, environmental, educational, and medical health in their communities, it makes grants to organizations around the world that are working to advance women’s and girl's rights and well-being. 


Our Vision

Change often comes from the edges. The Trotula Fund, an independent organization, looks for opportunities to help organizations that are developing changes for the betterment of others, and change which are sometimes overlooked, or passed over by larger granting foundations and governments. Our vision is to help women become empowered in their communities and cultures; systemic change comes slowly from the edges and takes dedication and commitment to develop. The Trotula Fund believes that change can be positive, and it takes time and financial support to become systemic and sustainable.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to support organizations who are bringing positive change to benefit women and their families and communities around the world, knowing change begins at the local level and grows from there.

Trotula Historical Figure

Behind Our Name

The name Trotula refers to a group of highly influential 13th century Italian texts on women's medicine.

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Behind Our Logo

The woman is standing in a golden orb and holding up the world. We recognize women in many and varied ways, through their strength, hold up the world. Giving to women has been proven to be the best way to bring change for the betterment of others be they children, families, the environment, and communities of every age. 

Trotula recognizes the long-standing symbolic and real importance of the measurable tie that women are central, valued, recognized, and important in our global communities ... and central to Trotula.

Green leaves flow up through the woman symbolizing growth. Trotula plants seeds which grow into change. The seed and growth tie into our desire to bring rooted, systemic change.

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