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  • What is the Trotula Fund's Granting Cycle?
    The Trotula Fund's has an quarterly granting cycle. Grants which are received in the first two months of a quarter will be reviewed and responded to in the last month of the quarter. Funding will follow within a month of final review and acceptance.
  • What causes does the Trotula Fund support?
    The Trotula Fund supports a wide variety of organizations and causes. We suggest you review the list of past projects and organizations we have supported.
  • Are there particular areas the Trotula Fund supports?
    The Trotual Fund looks for granting opportunities which will serve communities and causes which are often under served. We look to help Inidgenous communities, communities of diverse ethnicity, organizations which have a strong community base of support,. The Trotula Fund focuses on supporting change around the world which positively advances women’s social, economic, environmental, and physical health.
  • Does the Trotula Fund make multi year grants?
    We make single-year grants, but not forward multi-year pledges. A Grant Proposal business plan can include a multi-year development plan with points of objective accomplishments, and accountability. These would be used to create a basis for a single, one-time grant, which the receiving organization would use for a multi-year project. The Tortula Fund also makes single donations to organizations referred to them by others.
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