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The Trotula Fund makes grants for projects, as well as single unrestricted donations to an organization. The Trotula Fund recognizes the need for an allowance in a grant proposal for unrestricted funds that support the organization, or staffing needs in conjunction with the development of a project. Similarly, when there are synergistic partnerships for a project, the Trotula Fund recognizes the benefit of coordinating staffing, and the associated costs of working together between two or more organizations. 

Our fiscal year follows the calendar year of January 1 to December 31. 

Grant-Making Cycle

The Trotula Fund accepts grant proposals throughout the year. We look to work with an organization when making a proposal and will review the purpose, structures, staffing, and expenditures of a proposal with the submitting organization. 

The Trotula Fund will also accept grant proposals which an organization has previously developed, but for which it did not receive funding.


First Quarter

Submissions: January 1 - March 1

Review and discussions: March 1 - 20

Notice of Acceptance or Denial: March 23 - 31


Second Quarter

Submissions: April 1 - June 1

Review and discussions: June 1 - 20

Notice of Acceptance or Denial: June 23 - 30


Third Quarter

Submissions: July 1 - Sept. 1

Review and discussions: Sept. 1  - 20 

Notice of Acceptance or Denial: Sept. 23 - 30


Fourth Quarter

Submissions: Oct. 1 - Dec. 1

Review and discussions: Dec. 1  - 20 

Notice of Acceptance or Denial: Dec. 23 - 31


Grant Applications Must Include:​

  1. Amount requested

  2. One page ~ 250-300 words - history of the organization

  3. Two pages ~ 500-550 words - How this grant will promote women’s and girls’ access to social, economic, environmental, and physical health. 

  4. One page write-up of partnering organizations and their roles and responsibilities along with links and contact information for partnering organizations.

  5. We will also consider existing grant applications that have already gone to other foundations as long as they clearly satisfy #1, 3, and 4. (Namely, these do not have to be extensively rewritten if the existing application already does those things).

  6. An overall existing budget for either the program of which the grant is a part or for the organization as a whole. This can simply be from the previous fiscal year. 

  7. Email above to:

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