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Funding Process

The Trotula Fund does not take solicitations. It is an organization that has taken the approach of growth through a developing social network, of its members, as well as references from organizations it has supported in the past. A new organization would need to be referenced to the Trotula Fund from the funds existing social network.

Grant Applications Must Include:​

If an organization is requested to submit a grant proposal it would need to provide the following:

  1. Contact Information for the organization and the person coordinating the requested proposal.

  2. Partnering Organization contact information if that is applicable.

  3. A description of the organization, its purpose, and a description recent successful project, a budget, timelines, objectives, and measures of accountability.

  4. 501c3 documentation.

  5. Documentation representing the organization is in good standing as recognized by the state and federal government.

  6. Bank information for the purpose of receiving and acknowledging grants.

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